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Bond Eye sunglasses are a collection in themselves – reflecting styles from the Aviator for a classic look, to kooky cats’ eyes. Perfectly designed to team with our one piece swimsuits, bikini tops and bikini bottoms, the Bond Eye range suits any look you care to create.

Start your collection of sunglasses for women with the Penkivil. Their white-highlighted top bar gives them an edgy look, and they don’t fail to deliver with their category 2 lenses.

If you’re a total fashion babe, then reach for our Rockley sunglasses in Aqua. This cats’ eye shape will transform your look into fashion goddess, and the minty shade will set you well apart from the crowd.

If you are a fashion fan and want to know about the latest sunglasses for women, keep tabs on our New Arrivals page to be the first in line!

And did we mention the Bound by Bond-Eye collection? The crinkle fabric forgets the side seams, meaning you get extra stretch and comfort where you need it the most. Because this special fabric is so versatile, our Bound pieces are offered in one size fits all to keep things truly simple, letting you focus on the fun stuff!