Meaning “the act of leaving”, or changing the way we make our approach, Departure is inspired by the salt-misted mornings + artfully idle days beneath the European sun.


Invoking a sense of unbridled optimism, the range incorporates bold heat-inspired hues against cool colours found in nature, paying homage to a life lived beautifully, wherever you may be.


Each piece has been crafted according to our signature multifunctional designs, in cuts that celebrate + support your form, as well as welcoming our new tiger texture bound crinkle fabric to the range—a material designed to be touched as well as worn.


Photographer Pierre Toussant captured the spirit of Sicily, capturing our models Lea Mohr + Naomi Eliav as they radiated oceanside on location in Cefalu on day 1 + Scala Dei Turchi on day 2. Hair + makeup artist Luca Cianciolo celebrated the mood with touselled locks + glowy skin, encapsulating the feeling of midday beneath the rays.


Here the cliffs + the sea provide the stage for rest, restoration, or romance.


This is the ultimate escape.