Like your body, our tubular bound crinkle fabric is incredibly unique + performs best when well cared for.

bond-eye swim pieces are designed and handmade in Australia with love, intended to be a core staple in your wardrobe for years to come. To ensure they maintain their ultra-soft and buttery handfeel and bold, punchy colour, here are a few tips:

  • hand wash separately in cold water + rinse immediately after use
  • use diluted mild detergent meant for delicate fabrics
  • avoid fabric softener + bleach
  • do not twist, wring, rub or scrub
  • do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean
  • drip dry in shade
  • do not leave rolled up wet
  • avoid pools and spas treated with harsh chemicals
  • rinse swimsuit immediately after use
  • avoid contact with tanning products, lotions, sun creams + oils
  • avoid contact with rough surfaces to prevent pulls
  • some colours may fade in sunlight or chemically treated water
  • some colours may bleed or transfer when wet, avoid contact with other fabrics until dry

Taking good care of your bond-eye swim pieces will help maintain their longevity, however we also encourage you to be thoughtful about caring for your garments by minimising your environmental footprint.

We recommend using a mild natural soap and avoiding any harsh chemical detergents. Limit washing unless completely necessary.

    Lastly, almost all of our collections utilise fibres derived from regenerated nylon. Despite our products being made from recycled textile waste, they can sometimes release small plastic particles into waterways when put into the washing machine.

    We recommend utilising a GuppyFriend Wash Bag which minimises the release of micro plastics into our oceans.

    Say hello to summer + enjoy your swim for almost endless days by the waves.